Statement in Support of AGSEM’s Strike

Solidarity with McGill TAs

McGill students and campus organizations support the Association of Graduate
Students Employed at McGill in their strike for a new collective agreement with
the university. At noon on Thursday, 10 April, we call on all students to join
us in a demonstration of support and solidarity with our teaching assistants.
The demonstration will take place at the Roddick Gates (corner of McGill
College and Sherbrooke).

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Students dying to demilitarize McGill

Article from the McGill Daily

die-in photo

Photo: Stephen Davis

By Mikey Opatowski and Melissa Karine Ward
McGill Daily News Writers

Seventeen student activists dropped dead in McConnell Engineering yesterday morning to protest campus military recruitment.

The students, members of the radical campus group GrassRoots Association for Student Power (GRASPé), smeared themselves in red paint and lay still for ten minutes in front of a Canadian Forces table at the Technology Career Fair.

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Tuition Goes Up, Students Disrupt!

Well a new semester is upon us, and with it comes yet another few months of relentless student action and organizing. The efforts from last semester, specifically with regards to free and accessible education, continue into the new year as students across the province prepare for an even more co-ordinated and active push for a new kind of quality post-secondary education — one that is democratic, publicly funded, and free of barriers, be they financial or social.

Last week, GRASPe kicked off the new semester with an occupation of the James Adminstration building. Below is the communique realeased by GRASPe as the action took place. We encourage any- and everyone to respond to or comment on either the communique, the action itself, or the issue of free and accessible

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What SSMU bigwigs don’t GRASP[é]

Vox Populi in The McGill Tribune

Following the walkout scandal at the last General Assembly, there was talk about the possibility of impeaching the Students’ Society executives implicated in coordinating the walkout. Though it’s refreshing to see discussion among students about holding our executives to account for their actions, what happened at the GA was just an exceptionally blatant example of the normal political culture at SSMU. Removing executives from office isn’t going to change that culture. An impeachment campaign is sort of like an electoral campaign in reverse-it only replaces the individuals who claim to represent us, not the institutional context in which they do it. To democratize the political culture of SSMU, or any other institution, there must be more direct, grassroots participation by students who aren’t full time politicians. Rather than perpetually trying to find the right person to represent us, we have to start representing ourselves.
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SSMU smushed Tuesday’s GA

Hyde Park in the McGill Daily

It’s General Assembly time again at SSMU, but who would know it? Over the last week SSMU has sprinkled campus with some of the most uninspiring General Assembly (GA) publicity since their failure to spread the word about last fall’s GA. The white 8.5×11 posters and the ads taken out too late in campus newspapers not only fail inform the student body, they fail to give you the information you need to get a motion on the agenda. Read more »

Support Architecture Café: keep it student run!

Demonstration in support of Arch Café

Negotiations are ongoing between the Architecture Students’ Association (ASA) and the University Administration over the future of that most beloved of campus sources of nourishment, the Architecture Café. It appears, for the time being, that the Café will reopen. The only question that remains is that of management and administration. Will the Café’s finances, payroll, and other top decisions be made by the Administration, or students? Will we soon return to eating zaatars at our favorite student-run café, or “McGill Food services presents: the Architecture Café”? Read more »

La grève: un moyen solidaire

McGill a la facture étudiante la plus élevée au Québec. Pourtant suite au gel imposé en 1994, nous devrions payer tous et toutes la même facture. La présence de frais afférents et de droits de scolarité mènent à cette disparité financière qui mine notre droit à l’éducation. La question à se poser est plutôt; pourquoi payer pour ce qui est notre droit aux connaissances, la passage du savoir intergénérationnel?


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Mobilize for free education

While most of us were otherwise occupied during the summer, the first budget from the new minority Liberal government brought some bad news: the freeze on Quebec tuition fees is now a thing of the past. Clearly, the Liberals and their leader Jean Charest were unfazed by their near defeat in last March’s election as well as the massive opposition coming from all sectors of the student movement. Tuition fees are set to be hiked each semester over the next five years, granting the fondest wish of our dear Principal Heather Munroe-Blum and leaving low-income students plumb out of luck.

Or maybe not. Students across Quebec have served notice that they won’t tolerate this most recent assault on accessible education, and are gearing up for a province-wide strike similar to the one seen here in 2005. Think thousands-strong marches, blocked bridges and occupied schools. Read more »

Back from Summer!

GRASPé is back from its usual summer lull and ready to start another year!

The Quebec government has once again turned its back on accessible education and has plans to raise tuition, breaking the long-standing freeze of student fees. In response, the student movement will be stepping up the fight. As with the strike in 2005, GRASPé will be working to bring this struggle to the McGill campus, demanding the elimination of all financial barriers to education.

Over the summer the McGill administration has continued their systematic attacks on student space at our university. Ancillary Services broke an oral agreement that allowed for the operation of the student-run Architecture Cafe, and told the Architecture Student Association (ASA) that the space could either become a student lounge without food services or a corporate cafe run by Chartwells or Starbucks. As the ASA says on their website, “we have to take a stand against Ancillary Services’ attempts to undermine student interests in favor of their corporate interests….We recognize that this should not only be a fight from within the School of Architecture, but a university-wide fight!”

Overall, the need for autonomous resistance to government and administrative bureaucracy is greater than ever. GRASPé will continue to mobilize students in the interests of a free, accessible and decorporatized education, and you can join the fun! Come to our orientation session Thursday, September 6 at 5:30 PM, on the front steps of the Arts Building.

SSMU Presidential By-Election : Vote Now!

Due to serious electoral violations committed against Floh Herra Vega’s campaign, the Judicial Board has ruled that the results of the SSMU presidential race are invalid and has called a 2 day election. Voting will run from Tuesday until Wednesday, with no campaigning.

For more information, check out the McGill Daily article at or

Vote online NOW until Wednesday at 4:45PM at